BIG WIN at wolfs apothecary

i hardly win anything these days so when i found out that i was chosen (via Jen McCabe’s blog honey kennedy) as the lucky winner of an incredible shopping spree at Wolf’s Apothecary i was pleased at punch! Wolf’s has an array of natural remedies and essential oils in the form of lip balms, candles, elixirs, healing salve, and woodsy perfumes.

* check them out at 917 sw washington street *


I’M BACK! and what better way to reintroduce myself than to show a fantastic highlight reel from today’s international cat show. cheers to cats, friendships, true love, and happiness.

LEICA mini

hello. recently i received a new leica mini II (yay)

here are a few of my favorite shots thus far

THE PORTLAND FLEA. union pine.


I’M BACK EVERYONE!! Let’s face it, I didn’t really go anywhere but I certainly needed a big time blogging break (no offense). These past few months have brought me a delightful vacation out east, an internship with a lovely local photographer/artist, several Delicate Doilies upgrades, and time spent relaxing outside the city swimming and reading Chocolates for Breakfast. Remember all those promises I made in my last post? Well, get ready because from here on out I will be making them all come true.

I figured the best way to reintroduce myself back into this scene would be to feature my very best friend, caitlin, and her new clothing line Quick Study. I had the great pleasure of shooting the lookbook for her recent collection “unsettled” – an adorable bike-friendly line that’s so comfortable you’d think you were riding around in your pajamas. Cait thought of everything down to clever pockets for your cell phone and lightweight materials that are wind and odor resistant. Check out the Mercury’s write-up about it for more details. I’m so proud of her and seriously cannot wait to see what she’ll come up with next.

Below are a few photos from the lookbook (you can see them all here) . model: Gillian Miles . camera: Pentax k1000 .

the designer: Caitlin + photos from the Fashion Forward runway event at White Horse Studios


dear kind followers,

in light of new beginnings shola’s Jewels & Gems is going on a brief vacation as i work to give it a brand new look. once i’m through this blog will be all original content geared towards my photography adventures, street style, hidden gems around portland & vancouver, and of course the occasional cat or two.

in the meantime, follow me on Twitter and keep up with new Delicate Doilies items through Etsy & Facebook