FEATURED: shot by shola + sister style

once again i had the pleasure of working with local blogger allison bt (aka votre grande soeur)! This time, however, instead of shooting photos for her I got the chance to be in front of the camera for once. So much fun showing off my japenese trinkets, cat figurines, vintage jewels, garden loot, and of course… reva! below are a few pics from the shoot but to see the whole feature click right here.

all photos by allison bt

portland really is pretty.

I recently shot Marissa Sullivan (aka Portland’s Pretty) for Votre Grande Soeur‘s infamous Sister Style feature. Whee! Below are a few pics from the shoot  - to see the whole bundle click here.

All photos shotbyshola / Canon AE-1 & Pentax K1000 35mm Camera • Kodak Portra 400 film



did i tell you i have a brand new photo website? well, i do! shotbyshola.com

take a peek and if you’re so inclined e-mail me! i would love to collaborate and be your new photographer. shotbyshola@gmail.com

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